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Welcome to Dance in Paris

Dance in paris, develops and produces a distinctive line of contemporary women's apparel. Current owner and founder Carmen Barros, born and raised in Brazil launched her first dance in paris collection in 1996. At that time, one category dominated the women's wear market; Junior. Having discovered a more vast demographic population of style, aimed to break the mold into a stylish women inspirational, sexy fashion. Carmen is known for her fashion-forward look and trend setting taste.  

Dance in Paris was an instant success. Twelve years later Carmen developed another line, named after her own name, Carmen... The line embodies a mix of creativity, authenticity, sensuality and uniqueness covering the need of larger sizes which conquered the attention of stylish women who likes to dress to impress.

In 2008 launched dance in brasil, a line of hand bags, belts, scarves and fashion jewelery. It's inspirational pieces have been a success as well.



Our Lines

  • Dance in Paris

    “Creativity says it all…,” says Carmen, designer and founder of Dance in Paris, which has proudly been in the market for over 15 years…

    As a response to the increasingly positive reviews and passionate buyers of the line, Dance in Paris has been expanding its business.

    A Premier Collection for Dance in Paris was launched in early January-2007 and it was named after its inspiration, “Carmen”... It was an immediate success.

  • Dance in Carmen

    The Premier Collection-Carmen brings a revolutionary new look to the professional world with the feminine beauty in mind: “It’s all about enhancing the women’s beauty and if it makes a women look beautiful, I do it”, Carmen says, with a wink.

    Carmen-the premier collection caters to a broader sizing range. Some of the designs are cut extra-small through extra-large for the women who wants to dress professionally but still make a statement in fashion and carry themselves at their best.

  • Dance in Brazil

    During a recent trip to her native country, Brazil, the designer developed a strong interest in bringing her buyers in the United States some of the excitement and sensuality that reflects her vision of Brazilian fashion- A fusion of European and Latin Flair style.

    The result gave birth to another new line Dance in Brazil. A complete accessory line designed to complement the women’s wardrobe. Most of the accessories are hand made and inspired by the native Indians from the Amazons. The line reflects the beautiful Brazilian colors and flavors.

    The accessories are made out of diverse types of seeds, leafs, feathers, wood and beautiful precious stones. Dance in Brazil also carries leather-designed handbags, belts and stylish shoes, which are fabricated with unique materials.